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"Golden Nights" By Timbre Cierpke

Coming Soon to Playstation® Mobile & PS Vita

Golden Nights Mobile

Golden Nights is the tale of a woman named Abra who seeks to find her stolen husband Nuri and her mother's necklace of power. Travel to wonderous and mystic lands to find Nuri and the gang that has stolen him away.

You'll encounter many mysterious beasts and creatures that inhabit the country near Abra's home on her quest. The game is free to try on PlayStation®Mobile in spring, so why not give the demo a download?


  1. A fluid and dynamic combat system inspired by fighting and frantic multipayer action party games.
  2. Upgrade your weapons and armor the more you play.
  3. Explore the world of Golden Nights and find hidden clues. What will you uncover?
  4. Fast travel through the world. No need to backtrack all the way to town to get more potions.
  5. Beautiful, unique art and music from artists all over the world.


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